Friday Faves Vol. 10

Happy Friday!  Another week in the books, a couple things on the radar today…
Mark my Words

Step out tonight to Ciel Gallery for their opening of Mark my Words  with works by Patricia Steele Raible and Jen Walls .

6pm – 9pm
128 East Park Avenue
Charlotte, NC  28203

Beyond Walls

The town of Cornelius and the Cornelius Public Art committee are planning for a public art exhibition that will run for one year from April 2015 – April 2016.  We think this is a great opportunity for artists to begin getting their foot in the door for public art projects!  Click the photo for more info. Deadline is not until January 5th, so you have plenty of time to present your best work!

(by Kati Stegall)


Finally, I have been contemplating quite a bit lately, the way that the visual arts here in Charlotte seem to be broken off from one another – commercial galleries, museum, public art, street art – they all seem to operate separately and compete for each other’s audiences. HappeningsCLT in itself is an effort to bring them together in one place, but the question burning in my mind right now is “why?” Why are we doing this? Why is this important?   While doing some research for an upcoming talk I came across this quote from Donald Judd, that more eloquently states the reason why than I ever could:

“The public has no idea of art other than that it is something portable that can be bought. There is no constructive effort; there is no cooperative effort. This situation is primitive in relation to a few earlier and better times. Art and architecture – all the arts – do not have to exist in isolation, as they do now. This fault is very much a key to the present society. Architecture is nearly gone, but it, art, all of the arts, in fact all parts of the society, have to be rejoined, and joined more than they have ever been. This would be democratic in a good sense, unlike the present increasing fragmentation into separate but equal categories, equal within the arts, but inferior to the powerful bureaucracies.” 

 First appeared in an essay in The Chinati Foundation/La Fundacion Chinati. 1987; Text © Judd Foundation 2007, licensed by VAGA, NY, NY. Chinati Foundation.

He is speaking specifically of rejoining the concept of art and architecture, of art in permanent places for the public, rather than as commodities to be bought and sold – but I think the concept can be applied to the larger conversation between our own institutions in this city.

Help us to rejoin all of the visual arts in Charlotte, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and come out and join us at the events we talk about, especially if it is something new to you or somewhere you have never been before. Apply for the calls we post, even if you are a studio painter, and the call is for a public art commission. Lets take a risk and all start working together for a change.

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