Friday Faves Vol. 11

Some of our favorite things in the art world this week are posted below and they are all focused around a mission near and dear to our hearts – supporting and growing our art community.

We’re very excited about Working Artists and the Greater Economy’s new W.A.G.E. Certification Program. We too have long believed in the establishment of a fair wage system for visual artists. Artists are consistently asked to do things for free, but W.A.G.E’s system would set up a consistent fee structure based on organizational budget. Artists Space is the first organization to become certified under the new program, with more organizations expected to become certified in the coming months. Check out the wage calculator below. We think these numbers seem very reasonable so we hope lots of organizations will adopt this – and pay more when they can.


We love our local art museums and organizations, even with their potential problems. We might not always agree with their procedures or processes for everything, but if we want Charlotte to be a great art city, we have to support artists and arts organizations. So join a local museum this month and help grow the cultural sector. You might even consider giving the gift of membership this holiday season. Did you know if you join the Bechtler or the Mint Museum, you get reciprocal museum membership, providing you with access to hundreds of other museums across the country? What are you waiting for?


Our last favorite for the weekend – and one more way for you to support our community: Attend the 32nd Annual Art Auction at the Light Factory this Saturday, November 15. Event starts at 6:30pm; live auction begins at 8pm. Silent auction closes later in the evening. Below you will find a work featured in the auction from one of our previous Carolina Art Crushes, Andy McMillan. Happy bidding!



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