Friday Faves Vol. 13

Flying Formation, Shaun Kardinal

Flying Formation, Shaun Kardinal, 2014.

We recently hit the three month mark for HappeningsCLT and we are proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish. We mark our successes by our ability to create dialogue through blog posts and interviews, and also and inform you about upcoming art events and opportunities. Our mission is still very simple, and can be found on our “about” page. Our only hope is that through our collaboration you will become more engaged in the visual arts. Really, that’s it!

Speaking of collaboration, we talk a lot about the “Big C’s” during our meetings: creativity, collaboration, community, cultivation. We do this because we believe that community,  and information sharing is the most important aspect of cultivating creativity, change (another C word!) and improvement. Raise your hand if you’ve ever collaborated with someone and not learned something about yourself… [crickets]. Exactly!

Collaboration is vital to one’s own personal advancement and success, but has benefits on that larger, community level as well. Working in silos is not what we should be about, but so often it becomes that way. Being an artist is hard on many levels, a concept we understand so heartily that it prompted us to create this network of information sharing. We want you to get to know more about your community so that you can soak up every art-viewing or art-worth-knowing opportunity there is out there.

This week, as we dive deeper into the holiday season (and you hopefully give back financially to the artistic community), keep your eyes open for the many ways you can give back to Charlotte’s art community in a less tangible way.  There are opportunities all around us to spread encouragement, make something happen (however small), or be an example to less experienced artists. Work to make this community a better environment for artists and creative people because in the end, GOOD THINGS happen to people who work hard.

Now, a minute of your time to share current art news in Charlotte:

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