Friday Faves – Volume 15

Hello lovahs.  Its Friday again, the last weekend before Christmas! Next week we will be taking a little Holiday Break from our regular posting, but we wanted to leave you with a few things to see and to do this Holiday Season!!

Public Art Tours!

Have family or friends in town for the holidays??  Getting a little cabin fever in that full house? Bundle up and get out and show them all the great public art that Charlotte has to offer!  You can go to the Charlotte Visitor’s center on Tryon Street and pick up these brochures from the Arts and Science Council and CATS Art-in-Transit, or download them here!

Both programs also have a public art podcast that can be accessed via mobile phone while you ride the light rail or walk through uptown where you can listen some of the artists themselves talk about their work!


Reconstructed Dwelling, Dennis Oppenheim, 2008

LYNX Blue Line Public Art Tour



Il Grande Disco, Arnaldo Pomodoro,1974

ASC Public Art Walking Tour

 Big Time Photography

Charlotte is so privileged to have the Light Factory back in town, and they have come back with full force!  Head up to the Mint Museum to see the “Moment Mile” photographs. Its free to go see!!!

and on Sunday at 2 – head over the Light Factory for their Sunday Salon Series.


This time featuring guest photographer (and Salon regular) Gary Miller who will be showing off and talking about his brand new 12 x 20 camera, the best photography books of 2014, and the return of the Annuale. TLF will be holding their Seventh Juried Annuale in 2015. We encourage all photographers to apply! If you want more details – you better go to the Salon!

So, Happy Holidays to all you followers and stay tuned for more exciting art things happening in 2015!!  See you next year!

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