In 2015


Like you, we believe in assessing our situations with fresh eyes at the start of a new year. As we collectively dive into new hopes, we hope you join us in our ART resolutions as we promise to enrich ourselves and support our local organizations.



Promise yourself you’ll go to  five exhibitions this year – Just five! Here are a few we recommend:



There is much more understanding and and relatability in art when the viewer approaches it with an informed outlook. Before you go see one of the five exhibitions you’re promising yourself, brush up on the artist(s) through internet, books, and your art-savvy friends. There might even be a written review or feature published – it’s important to read those too! Charlotte does not have a consistent track record of thorough and thought-provoking criticism; when we read what’s out there, it proves to editors and publishers that the community wants more of it.



We believe art is the most important documentation of human civilization; not only does it record historical events, it also records how people felt about them. Who could deny art is a good and lasting cause to support? Buy a membership, buy local art at a market, buy a ticket to an event, or even buy art at a gallery. There are SO many ways to give back, and we hope you will; it comes with the knowledge that you are furthering culture in our region.

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