Week in Review – Friday, Feb 20


It has been a big week for HappeningsCLT! Since last Friday we feel like we’ve accomplished more this week than we have all year! First, our inaugural pop up gallery show @809 opened with the work of the amazing and talented Amy Herman (@VTGCLT) and in conjunction with the phenomenon that is #weloveCLT. You can see the work in the space for the next two months and read about the show here.

Second, we compiled a post for CharlotteFive called, 20 pieces of art you can buy today and brag about to your friends tomorrow. If you are a follower of this blog then you know that we believe in supporting local artists and galleries. Well this was our way of spreading the word to a little wider audience, and boy did it work! In less than 24 hours after that article posted, we have heard that 10 pieces of work have been sold based on the information we shared.


Polar Heart by Alexandra Loesser

Finally, just some other milestones that we hit this week: This will mark the 60th post to this site that we have written in the less than six months. And we’re not stopping anytime soon! Watch out for more posts by contributors, more ways to join in the conversation, and more art events to attend!

Also you may have noticed a little change… you can now find us at HappeningsCLT.com! Other ways to stay up to date on the latest art news in Charlotte is to follow us on Facebook (click here) and on Twitter and Instagram @happeningsclt.

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