This Week – March 23rd – 29th

The end of this week is full of some varied and valuable art experiences!  From honoring the efforts in Selma fifty years ago with an in depth look at Barbara Pennington’s powerful painting and several events, to a celebration of two years of Latin America art at LaCa Projects, to a unique art exhibit in an intimate home setting. These events should not be missed!



“Selma”, Barbara Pennington, 1965

Selma in Retrospect – the 50th Anniversary of a monumental civil rights moment.
Visitors will view Alabama native and artist Barbara Pennington’s powerful work Selma, inspired by the events of that time.  The program will also include: Voter Registration from 4:30-6:15 pm; Curator’s Presentation of  “Selma” by artist Barbara Pennington; Oration of Dr. Martin L. King, Jr’s Alabama speech; Negro Spirituals by Local Vocalist and Choir; Local Artists Respond to work “Selma”

Read more about the Mint’s acquisition of Pennington’s mural here.


LACA Projects – Opening Reception for Collective;
6pm – 9pm
1429 Bryant Street
“Collective celebrates LaCa Projects’ two-year anniversary and showcases an outstanding sample of works by artists featured at LaCa’s Gallery since its inception in 2013. This show represents some of the best examples of Latin American artwork and presents styles and aesthetics for every taste.”


Little Sugar__03
UNC Charlotte Projective Eye Gallery, Keeping Watch on Water
Opening Reception, 6pm
“The focus of KEEPING WATCH in 2015 is water quality and urban streams. What creek is in your neighborhood? Where did it come from and where is it going? Why was Charlotte settled amidst so many streams and creeks? Are urban streams and creeks important? Where does rainwater go? Can we do anything to help with pollution or flooding problems? Why should we care? KEEPING WATCH on WATER challenges the public understand, respect, and protect our “City of Creeks.”

New Frequencies: Inspired Lunacy. Short Films by Guy Maddin
McColl Center for Visual Art
Guy Maddin’s short films pack more entertainment into a few minutes than most full-length movies. This program of 10 shorts features Mexican wrestlers, mariachi bands, Norse gods, runaway trains, solar eclipses, apocalyptic romances, slap fights, and much, much more. These rarely screened films span Maddin’s entire career. Find out why Newsweek dubbed him “Canada’s reigning mad genius.”

FREE but seating is limited and we highly recommend RESERVING TICKETS IN ADVANCE:
The show starts promptly at 8pm.
The program lasts 60 minutes.

Video Courtesy of Basic Cable
And Finally – Something NEW and DIFFERENT in Charlotte – “The Dwelling”: Starter Home
1909 Nassau Blvd, Drop In Reception from 5pm – 9pm
Starter Home is the first of a series of pop-up galleries hosted in homes and art-friendly places. Featuring new 2D works by Dominique Verechia and Mike Gentry.
Find out more here.

See you there!

One thought on “This Week – March 23rd – 29th

  1. Love getting this! Thanks! Also…we have Inslee Farris Figurative Works show on Friday from 530-830….just in case you post anything else! We’d love to be included!

    She is amazing!


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