Studio Party Preview 3

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We are getting so excited for Studio Party Upcycled: Gala next week!  And this week is only adding fuel to the fire knowing that the artists are here and getting started on their studio transformations! We caught up with a few of dthem to get the inside scoop on what they are creating and to learn more about their upcoming residencies.

To see their work in person be sure to join us next Saturday, April 18th at McColl Center for Art and Innovation. Get your tickets here!



Erik Waterkotte

HCLT: What is inspiring you in this studio transformation process?

EW: The Sacred and the Profane, Andy Warhol’s Exploding Plastic Inevitable, Psychedelic light-shows from the 1960’s and 70’s, and the 1928 silent film, The Passion
of Joan of Arc.
HCLT: What are you most looking forward to during your residency?
EW: Having a studio space in Uptown in an old church!…doesn’t that sound awesome? Production-wise, I’m looking forward to making some large-scale rubbings of the brick and stone walls inside the McColl…which will be the start to large drawing/print works.
Caroline Rust

CR1HCLT: What is inspiring you in this studio transformation process?

CR: The evolution of the Modern Woman’s Dressing Table & the Hemline; UPCYCLING Ourselves Through Fashion. Emerging from themes at the backbone of my work’s study – Fashion, Image, Women’s Practices – the design’s conceptual development focuses on the Evolution of the Modern Woman – who she has been/ is today/ her many faces and attributes.

Presented in the studio most notably, is a visual timeline of silhouettes showing the History of the Woman’s Hemline. Throughout history, modern fashion has mirrored the state of the modern woman. This visual display of skirt length modifications reflects upon the image of the modern woman throughout history. The UPCYCLING of the modern woman as described through the evolving skirt length. On another level, one could also note how throughout fashion, designers have UPCYCLED aspects of fashion design elements that came before. At a deeper, philosophical level, I would like to further study what the woman sees today as her Dressing Table – perhaps the yoga mat? So, to continue the conversation, guests are invited to play with hats, cosmetics, accessories, and other like items symbolic to image and adornment practices to UPCYCLE yourself.

HCLT: Are there any surprises we can expect to find in your studio?

CR: One may always find surprises…hidden gems here and there…perhaps items one can discover on a dressing table and a little fashion history too. Come and see the rest…

Ivan Toth Depeña


Depeña is returning to McColl Center for a second residency and we are thrilled to see him coming back!

For the Gala he will be truly embracing the “upcycling” theme, creating furniture/tables from recycled materials using custom 3D-printed connector prototypes and constructing the materials in a variety of arrangements.

The McColl Center has designated Depeña’s  sphere of impact” as Design + Architecture Technology. He says, “I do engage in these spheres often, however, my practice spans many disciplines and media.” He will be running his studio from the McColl Center for the next year and is excited about collaborating with the center on community building and “placemaking” for artists as well as focusing on personal work/projects.

We’re glad to have you back, Ivan and can’t wait to see what you will do here in Charlotte!
In addition to these three artists, Stephen HayesCharles WilliamsTaproot, & Matt Horrick will all be transforming their studios as well. We’ve also heard that Charlotte’s Dynamic Aerosol Duo, Matt Hooker and Matt Moore will be on site creating a painting live!
Don’t miss this one night event!

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