Studio Party Preview 4

We can’t believe how fast April is passing by; with all these art events and gorgeous flowers blooming, we’ve hardly had time to get our outfits ready for Studio Party 15: Upcycled Gala, happening this Saturday night! Over the past weeks, we’ve given you a run-down of the event, convinced you to go, and even interviewed a few of the artists so that you could get to know them better.

But there’s one thing we still haven’t told you, the biggest reason why you should go:

The McColl Center matters.

This non-profit is providing some of the most relevant arts programming in Charlotte, and also benefits artists more directly than any other institution or gallery. We love all our arts people in many big and different ways, but when we think about the McColl Center, we think: forward thinking, change through art, cultivating creative community, and Of-The-Moment Talent. They are even calling their Gala “Upcycled” because, in their words, they’re going to “upcycle [their] 15-year Anniversary into a more creative, purposeful, and vibrant future.”

So this Saturday, we hope you consider buying a ticket to the McColl Center Studio Party 15: Upcycled Gala because you’ll rest easy knowing your support will be used to continue exploring the positive impact art and creative thinking can have on our community.

Plus, the wine.

and the art for sale.

and we hear it got so crazy last year that the fire department came.

See you Saturday!

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