Carolina Art Crush – Anna Kenar

The HappeningsCLT team has been working with talented Charlotte artist Anna Kenar over the past few months and we thought it was time you got to know her too. She was recently featured on Charlotte Agenda, but we also took some time to interview her so we could officially announce her as our newest Carolina Art Crush.

We worked with her to curate a solo exhibition of her intricate, beautiful, and sometimes haunting drawings and prints at the co-working space @809 where all of those awesome #WeLoveCLT talks take place. After the next talk (by Katie Levans), on Thursday June 18, we will host a closing reception for the show.


809 West Hill Street

21 (1)

Let the Power Surge, 2010. Intaglio, 24 x 18 inches.

HCLT: Describe yourself in three words.

AK: Feel too much

HCLT: When did you realize you were an artist?

AK: I don’t know if I ever made that clear realization. It is more like a process of questioning, doubt, and acceptance, and then repeating all over again.

HCLT: Who or what inspires you artistically?

AK: Ideas come from many sources: books, people, music, conversations, dreams, memories, news, being in nature. They connect, and emerge when ready.


Visions of Power, 2014. Graphite on paper, 360 x 50 inches.

HCLT: Tell us about your current body of work?

AK: I have been working on a series of drawings that focus on a concept and definition of the opposite of good. These drawings explore the ideas that connect to a very fragile and primitive understanding of the world. They reflect the tendency to see and understand the world in its extreme contrasts and simplified definitions. As well as, the necessity to search for the answers in the gray areas that reflect the indirect and the in-between manifestations of truth: tangible, abstract and suspended in void, as if waiting to materialize in our realm.

HCLT: What do you think is the most valuable art experience in the Carolinas right now?

AK: I feel like I don’t get out enough to make a valid statement. This is hard. The McColl Center for Art + Innovation has a great group of artists-in-residence that create an exciting artistic experience.

d4_670 (1)

Omniformity of Vice (detail of triptych), 2014. Graphite, acrylic paint on Japanese paper, shellac, varied dimensions (33”x36” each ).

HCLT: What is your number one art piece/place/event in this area?

AK: My number one is the mysterious Bechtler Museum of Modern Art print archive. I haven’t had the chance to see the collection archives. I would like to explore the beautiful prints and drawings.

HCLT: What book is on your nightstand right now?

AK: I tend to collect multiple books next to my bed in anticipation of reading for hours. The key word is anticipation. I love reading fiction, but then I need to know more about things, so I read Stealing Secrets, Telling Lies or From Chekhov to the Revolution – both on my nightstand. My Mom sent me an old copy of Popiół i diament by Jerzy Andrzejewski, so that’s another one.

Kenar-1 (1)

Zgubna Postac I, 2013 Graphite on paper, 24 x 18 inches

HCLT: Best meal in the Charlotte area?

AK: I love food. I find that I have a strong craving for Lang Van.

HCLT: Where can we see your work?

AK: 809 W. Hill Street, Charlotte- it’s a great space promoting creativity, innovation, communication, and the city of Charlotte. Shades and Aggregates is a collection of prints and drawings exploring ideas of beauty and power, and various approaches to mark-making, both in drawing and print. I like to work with multiples, which help me resolve ideas. This show consists of several pieces that construct larger visual narratives.

HCLT: What is up next?

AK: Summer. Hopefully more sleep, some travel and a lot of studio work.

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