Let’s Grab a Drink… with Basic Cable

Welcome to the first post of a new series of interviews where we sit down and chat with some of our favorite art professionals and supporters here in Charlotte. First up – Basic Cable. Basic Cable is our favorite movie media making couple: Reuben and Kathleen Bloom. When they aren’t making beautiful stories about local people and businesses, they organize pop up gallery shows in people’s cozy homes through the Dwelling.  Check it out.

Kathleen & Reuben -01

photos by Zan Maddox

HCLT: What is Basic Cable?
BC: Something that’s always changing.  Its the gray area between journalism and advertising.

HCLT: How did you come up with that name?
BC: The product that we make is created with simple tools, no gimmicks. Our emphasis is on a natural stripped down documentary style.  We have an interest in honesty in advertising. Also, we have a couch in the studio – this is the first point of contact for our clients.


Instagus via @shadylikealady

HCLT: Your videos are like moving portraits of people or places, what drew you to video as a medium and profession?
BC: In photography, there is a decisive moment, where as with video, we still get to participate and experience what we record, and then we can use it to create what we want to portray.

HCLT: What inspires you?
BC: The gorgeous Dominique Verechia* painting in the studio,  and driving along Eastway just looking at people; it’s a place that’s changing all the time with a really diverse international population.

HCLT: Do you have any other favorite visual artists?
BC: We go through different phases.  Right now we’re really into Andy Goldsworthy.  There’s a great documentary you can watch on YouTube.  Also, Arno Raphael Minkkinen, self portrait photographer. And Elizabeth Arzani, formerly from Charlotte, now relocated to Seattle.

HCLT: Tell us about your project The Dwelling.
BC: The first two have been really successful, and we’re excited about the next one on the 18th of September.  The location is still top secret. and the artists are not yet announced.  So you’ll just have to come and see.
HCLT: Saving the date in our calendar now.


Instaheads via @basiccablevideo

HCLT: If you had $100,000 to invest back into the visual arts in Charlotte right now, what would you do with it? I guess this is a way of asking you – what does Charlotte need to improve in this arena?
BC: SPACE. We’d create a subsidized working space for artists. Like Air BnB but studio space. What Charlotte needs is a strong artistic middle class, but its really hard for artists to find mobility here.

instabike 3

Instabike via @shadylikealady

HCLT: Bonus question – What are your top 5 instagram accounts we should be following?
BC: Oh – this is hard, there are so many good ones!  @ideabooksltd, @ryder_rips, @dorianwarnek, @petrafcollins, & for a laugh @imamysedaris.

*incidentally, I am also sitting underneath my own Verechia as I type this and I have to agree with you. Totally inspiring.

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