This Week – July 13 – 18th

On July 18, head to the Harvey B. Gantt Center for African-American Arts + Culture. They will open three new exhibitions with an Open House featuring artist talks beginning at 10am. Charlotte Collects Elizabeth Catlett: A Centennial Celebration is a centennial commemoration of Elizabeth Catlett’s life and work. The exhibition includes both two- and three-dimensional works, as well as photographs of Catlett throughout her life. AfriCOBRA Now: An Aesthetic Reflection features art created by members of the AfriCOBRA collective, founded in 1968 in Chicago. The five founding members created an aesthetic philosophy to guide their collective work, defining their mission as “an approach to image making which would reflect and project the moods, attitudes, and sensibilities of African Americans independent of the technical and aesthetic strictures of Euro-centric modalities.” Lastly, Intergalactic Soul brings together science fiction and social awareness in a unique creative exploration driven by social, political, and cultural undertones.


NewNewNew!  Check out the Dine and Draw Meet Up Event this Wednesday night. Their inaugural meetup will be at Old Mecklenburg Brewery. This event is open to anyone and is generally a gathering for people who want to draw and eat good food around Charlotte. Sign us up!  Bring your sketchbook and pencils!


On Friday, stop by New Gallery of Modern Art for the Summer Soiree and check out new work by all of these artists!: Hunt Slonem, Mattia Biagi, James Verbicky, Robert Mars, Rainer Lagemann, Isaac Payne, Carlos Rolon Dzine, Linda Brown, Maja Godlewska & Shaun Cassidy. Reception 5pm – 7pm. 435 S Tryon Str, Ste 110, Charlotte, NC 28202

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