beyond-walls-logoThe Town of Cornelius PARC and their Public Art Committee have been making a serious commitment to public art lately. Under the charge of Jen Crickenberger, they have installed a couple of new outdoor works over the last year or so, including a work by Jon Hair and two sculptures by Edwin White. Now, they have a temporary public art exhibition up at Robbins Park featuring nine works by artists from around the Southeast.

Bob Doster, "Modern Dancer," stainless steel

Bob Doster, “Modern Dancer,” stainless steel

Beyond Walls features some of the names we have come to know and expect in exhibitions of outdoor works in our region, with a few surprises thrown in as well. There is a range of media represented, including stainless steel, limestone, cement, stoneware, and bronze.


Artists included in the exhibition are: Paris Alexander, Bob Doster, Jim Gallucci, Rich Nossel, Harry McDaniel, Aisling Millar McDonald, Jim Weitzel, Adam C. Walls, and Virginia Scotchie (although her work has been temporarily removed from the exhibition due to an installation issue).

Paris Alexander, “Eninka,” carved limestone

The exhibition also includes some mixed media mandalas made by students from Woodlawn School. The students made these works after the opportunity to work with professional artist Bryant Holsenbeck during her exhibition at the Cornelius Arts Center in the winter of 2014.

Jim Gallucci, "Morning Glory," steel

Jim Gallucci, “Morning Glory,” steel

Beyond Walls will remain on view through November 17, 2015 so you have plenty of time to head to Cornelius and check it out! And for those artists out there, this outdoor exhibition is slated to be an annual event so stay tuned to the Town’s website for the upcoming request for submissions.

Adam C. Walls, "Rings," steel

Adam C. Walls, “Rings,” steel

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