Carolina Art Crush – Anne Lemanski

JackrabbitHappeningsCLT recently connected with Anne Lemanski who has the current featured show in the main Gallery at McColl Center for Art and Innovation. Anne her self is vivacious but the vibrant detailed work is breathtaking. A series of twelve large  format prints from original collages surround the main gallery and are the first two dimensional works the artist has ever made. In the center of the room stands a large installation with sculptural forms from the prints. The three animal sculptures within the installation appear to have leapt directly from the prints into the room. That’s the remarkable part of this show, it presents Lemanki’s ability to fluidly move from three dimensions to two and back again. It also demonstrates the importance of McColl as a residency that really provides the space and resources that allow an artist to push themselves to the next level. Read below to learn more about the artist and her process:

HCLT: Describe yourself in three words.
AL: Coney Dog. Beaver. ’67 GTO.

HCLT: When did you realize you were an artist?
AL: My god, am I an artist!?

Swan Dive

HCLT: Who or what inspires you artistically?
AL: Everything. I never know what is going to seep out of my subconscious into my work. I do have an affinity especially for birds, all manner of wildlife, and Joseph Cornell.


HCLT: Tell us about your current body of work?
AL: As a resident at McColl Center this past winter (2015), I created a 12 piece series of large format prints, derived from small, hand-cut collages. The imagery in the prints, has directly influenced my new sculptures…and by that I mean, I literally took the original collage image, cut from a vintage nature/science encyclopedia, and digitally enlarged it to fit my armatures. So, a four inch tall impala cut-out, has been transformed into a three-dimensional, life-size creature. The result of this process can be seen in my show, Simulacra, at McColl Center for Art + Innovation.


HCLT: What do you think is the most valuable art experience in the Carolinas right now?
AL: A residency at McColl Center for Art + Innovation.

HCLT: What is your number one art piece/place/event in this area?
AL: Vollis Simpson’s whirligigs.

HCLT: What book is on your nightstand right now?
AL: The September issue of Vogue, and Pigeons, by Andrew D. Blechman.


HCLT: Best meal in the Charlotte area?
AL: I have a deep fondness for La Unica on Central Avenue.

HCLT: Where can we see your work?
AL: Currently, my show, Simulacra, will be at McColl Center until January 2, 2016. I’m also participating in ArtPrize Seven, at the Grand Rapids Art Museum, in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Always on my website,

HCLT: What is up next?
AL: A little down time.


We say that downtime is well deserved! Brava Anne for a fantastic show!  Happenings got to preview it on Tuesday with a question and answer session with the artist and we must say it is not to be missed.  Join us at McColl Center for Art and Innovation on Friday night to see for yourself and to meet this delightful artist in person.

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