DAILY: Boyz n Ivy

Today we want to encourage you to take part in a special initiative within this community. This is a beautiful example of a city rallying around and supporting the artists that bring it to life.

Tom Thoune, a painter and mosaicist and Raymond Grubb, a photographer are two of the most well loved artists in this community. They are also two of the most committed to making this city great by investing their work back into it.

Last year they’ve faced some very serious challenges, even their dog Ivy has had some health issues! But together they’ve overcome these challenges with grace and tenacity.

Here’s where you come in, a go fund me page has been organized by friends of the artists to assist them with medical bills. You can visit the page to learn more about Tom and Raymond and donate.


You can also help by purchasing their work (which is always FANTASTIC!) Tonight there is a Pop up gallery show at the Spoke Easy in Elizabeth featuring Tom’s new work. Go see it, meet the artist, and take home a piece. It will mean more to you than any piece you own, because you will know that it has made you a part of a community of artists and art supporters that care for each other.

Happy Friday!

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