Daily: CAM gets international press with new installation work.

CAM Raleigh is currently showing The Imaginary Architecture of Lovea monumental painting/installation by LA artist, Sarah Cain.  The work is  applied directly to the gallery walls and floor of CAM. The largest work by this artist to date, Conde Nast Traveler calls is boundary breaking. (Read the interview here)

photo via Sarah Cain

photo via Sarah Cain

From CAM’s Website:

“Cain is committed to translating lived experience into a language of color and form. Her investment in abstraction is based on her belief in its capacity to express ideas that are beyond language. Building upon a present tense call-and response to the environment at hand, Cain attempts to expand the potential of painting by challenging its conventions. In advance of making a work on site, Cain gathers materials, inspiration, and visual cues from the outside world.  Through improvisation based on her gathered materials and impressions, she makes decisions about the palette, gestures, and composition on site. The Imaginary Architecture of Love will flow from the museum’s entrance lobby into the main gallery, moving through the former produce warehouse’s corners and cracks while responding to structural details such as arched windows and poured-in-place columns.”

Head to Raleigh tonight for CAM’s October Free First Friday ‘Do Over’ to see the work in person.

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