Daily: The Descent of Man

You may remember Sean Busher’s large photographic event last year, Moment Mile, that brought together professional and amateur photographers from all over Charlotte and beyond to create one continuous mile long photo of Tryon Street.  This year he’s taken on a project that brings together Science and Religion in a way that is sure to spark plenty of conversation.

DOM Logo

Hosted on the campus of Wedgwood Church, Busher’s series of eight photographic images visually outline a fictional narrative – Jesus Christ returns to earth to teach mankind about evolution. The story progresses into a national controversy based on the Scopes Money Trial of 1925.

The artist states on the Project Website.

“Depicting Jesus as a teacher of evolution is a metaphor for my belief in the mutual inclusivity of science and spirituality. In my heart, I feel these concepts are two sides of the same beautiful coin called life, and it is my hope that The Descent of Man can contribute to the genesis of a society of highly evolved, spiritual beings.”

The exhibition opens tonight on the campus of Wedgwood Church. For more information, visit the Exhibition page of Busher’s site,


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