DAILY: Artist Interviews

When we started HappeningsCLT about a year and a half ago, one of our goals was to serve as a record-keeper for the artists and art happenings in our region. Part of that mission resulted in our “Carolina Art Crush” series, in which we ask the same set of questions to artists and arts adminstrators working in North and South Carolina. Take a look through our artist interviews below, and get to know these amazing creatives in your own community. They are doing great things!

Amy Bagwell
Hagit Barkai
Betsy Birkner
Susan Brenner
Shaun Cassidy
Stacey Davidson
Ivan Toth Depena
de’Angela Dia
Sharon Dowell
Kiki Farish
Heather Freeman
Carla Hanzal
Aspen Hochhalter
Carolyn Jacobs
Carmella Jarvi
Anna Kenar
Ashley Lathe
Anne Lemanski

Andy McMillan
Isaac Payne
Will Puckett
Marek Ranis
Seth Rouser
Barbara Schreiber
Tom Stanley
Bob Trotman
Felicia van Bork
Jason Watson
Erik Waterkotte
Rosalia Torres Weiner
Charles Williams
Kyle Worthy

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