Parallel Visions

Our curiosity was piqued by this event at Free Range Brewing, which is billed as a collaborative event between 4 creatives: artist Jonathan Pritchard, dancer Alexander Lieberman, chef and dining expert Koichi Matsuda, and filmmaker Ruben Bloom.  

Parallel VisionsWe’re not going to pretend that we fully understand what this is all about, other than it is veiled in mystery to perhaps protect what is sure to be a multi sensory experience including ritual performance, experiential dining, projected imagery, and guided meditation.  The event will feature several food courses throughout the evening and there are two dates offered: Wednesday January 13th at 7:30 and Saturday, January 16th at 8:30

So head out to Noda on Wednesday or Saturday if you want to participate in this interactive art presentation/dance performance/dinner experience. Suggested donation for the Wednesday night performance is $10 – $15; For Saturday night performance is $20 – $25.

For more information visit the Facebook Event Page.


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