Carolina Art Crush: Brittany Little

HappeningsCLT is happy to introduce you to Brittany Little, local photographer, whose works have been curated into the upcoming exhibition, Kindred, at SOCO Gallery curated by one of faves, Brad Thomas. Thomas may have left for Minnesota recently, but we’re happy he’s keeping his hands in the Charlotte art community with his new venture, Thomas Contemporary.

At SOCO, Brittany, a recent graduate from UNCC, will present work from her Asymmetrical series, focused around her eccentric twin brothers. Brittany notes that her close relationship with the two has allowed for such intimate portraits.

HappeningsCLT: Describe yourself in three words.
Brittany Little: I’m horrible at this sort of thing, so I asked my mom what words she thinks describe me and she said “smart, funny, and unique”… you can always count on your mom for flattery.

Brittany Little, "Boy With Lantern"

Brittany Little, “Boys With Lantern”

HCLT: Who or what inspires you artistically?
BL: Every person around me, day to day life in general.  I like things that are right in front of me. I can be so high strung and so negative internally at times so I’m inspired by those moments where I slow down and take time to see how unique and beautiful the things are that are right in front of my face. When I first picked up a camera I thought my life was too boring to be the subject; I’m slowly realizing that it’s just the opposite. Photographically, I’m heavily inspired by both Nan Goldin and Diane Arbus.

Brittany Little, "Cody, Garrett and Cat"

Brittany Little, “Cody, Garrett and Cat”

HCLT: When did you realize you were an artist?
BL: When I began taking classes at UNC Charlotte I think I finally realized what it was to be an artist and think artistically. I had already been involved in photography for a few years, but the professors there, along with my fellow students, really helped me fine tune my thinking process.

HCLT: Tell us about your current body of work?
BL: My current body of work focuses on my relationship with my younger twin brothers and their relationship with one another. They’re quite eccentric to say the least, and at the time I was living with them so I had an all-access pass to their lives.  We’re a little closer than most families so nothing was really off limits while shooting this series. It’s pretty much the documentation of a year living with two crazy people that just happen to be related to me.

Brittany Little, "Dumpster Portrait"

Brittany Little, “Dumpster Portrait”

HCLT: Where can we see your work?
BL: On my website,, or in person as part of the Kindred show at SOCO gallery opening February 3rd (up until April 2nd). The show was curated by Brad Thomas and is about photographers who focus on family as their subjects. I’m so honored to share the space with established Charlotte photographers Linda Foard Roberts, Carolyn DeMerritt and Raymond Grubb. (editor: look for Carolina Art Crushes with these folks soon.)

HCLT: What do you think is the most valuable art experience in the Carolinas?
BL: I think the McColl Center is the most inspiring. It’s just cool to have a residency so close to home where you can go watch artists and how they work; the constant rotation of artists just keeps it really fresh and interesting.

Brittany Little, "Cody and Brendan"

Brittany Little, “Cody and Brendan”

HCLT: What book is on your nightstand right now?
BL: Running the Books by Avi Steinberg. It’s actually a memoir of a former prison librarian…it takes an interesting perspective.

HCLT: Best meal in Charlotte?
BL: The breakfast nachos with tofu at Fern. I swear I go every Saturday to get the same thing! (editor: this vegan agrees!)

Brittany Little, "Garrett with Beer"

Brittany Little, “Garrett with Beer”

HCLT: What is your number one art piece/place/event in NC?
BL: The Light Factory for sure. I was home schooled and my mom and I used to go to Charlotte for the day to museum/gallery hop for an “art lesson” if you will, and The Light Factory gallery was always my favorite stop. Without it I don’t know if I would’ve been introduced to the world of fine art photography, and who knows what I’d be doing then.

Brittany Little, "Garrett and Erica in Shower"

Brittany Little, “Garrett and Erica in Shower”

HCLT: What’s up next?
BL: I’m just starting out on a series that documents bedside tables. Bedside tables are one of those things that almost everyone has but nobody ever really thinks about. They end up being a catch all for the useless junk you carry around all day. I just cant wait to see the range of things I find, from my grandmother’s immaculate night stand that looks like it’s straight out of Better Homes and Gardens to my friend Katie’s that is home to 20 or so empty vodka bottles. I want to collect hundreds of images so I’m currently accepting volunteers!

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