Daily: Love Comes Quietly

Last week we found ourselves on a number of occasions driving out of the way so that we could pass through Plaza Midwood. At first we didn’t realize why, but then all of a sudden, there it was…

soul central

…peeking out from over the rooftops, Love Comes Quietly. This is the newest installation from Wall Poems of Charlotte on the north and east faces of Soul Gastrolounge, beloved for its own poetic food and beverage.

soul poem 1

The words of NC poet, Robert Creeley (1926 – 2995) are embraced by ethereal blossoms from Charlotte artist, Graham Carew.   Both Carew and Wall Poems founder, Amy Bagwell are residents of Plaza Midwood so this particular piece was especially important to them; just in time for Valentine’s Day – a love letter to their neighborhood.

Cynthia Frank designed the text and and proposed layout then Carew, instinctively applied the budding branches of apple blossom petals; the gentle fall of which is reminiscent of the words in the poem. Scott Nurkin, from The Mural Shop, is responsible for painting the text in all of the wall poems and assisted with overall choices about color and placement.

Creeley himself was a poet from the Black Mountain School and therefore we can claim him as a NC poet; So in a way, the poem interwoven into the mural is also love song for anyone who loves this place!

Have you made plans for your Valentine yet? May we suggest an artful evening appreciating the current show at 22, creative cuisine at Soul, and of course this lovely new public art!

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