New Frequencies: Daredevils

Next FRiday, MCColL Center for ARt and Innovation is presenting the next in the New Frequencies program: a film screening of Stephanie Barber’s DareDevils. Daredevils is an experimental art film focusing on a conversation between two female artists.

HEre are  10 reasons Why We’re Going to See this Film and Why You Should Too!
  1. Stephanie Barber is  a celebrated filmmaker whose work has been shown at the MOMA, Tate Modern, Whitney Museum of American Art and the Paris Cinematique among others.  Charlotte is lucky to have her work travel here for this regional debut!
  2. Its about an interview with an artist. We interview artists in our Carolina Art Crush Series. We think dialogue with artists is important because it sheds light not only onto their work, but also onto the world around us.
  3. The film creates a construction of an artist’s work as an act of “daredevilry”. Merriam Webster defines a daredevil as one who is ” recklessly and often ostentatiously daring.”  We are curious to see how and why Barber defines artists in this way.
  4. On the Daredevils website the film is described as sitting “gently between video art, narrative and poetic essay. The classic rising action, climax and denouement are sculpted, not by cause and effect, but by the subtle movements to and from understanding that are inherent in conversation.” In the present day of rapidly expanding technology, we are interested in how it is changing visual art.  This is an artist using new media to paint a picture and push the boundaries of what we thought video art could do.
  5. You cannot find this film anywhere else.  You cannot stream it or rent it on Netflix. This film premiered last year at the New York Film Festival in 2013 and has since traveled across the country for very select and limited screenings. This may be your only chance!
  6. The primary conversation is between two women: A young writer interviewing and older, well known artist. Because of this the film is a deeply feminist in nature, very few, if any, works of film show a conversation between two women as the primary dialogue and central theme of the work.
  7.  This is a film about an exploration of the creative process – something that is fascinating to nearly everyone. The way artists work is a mystery, and people like to see the veils pulled back to reveal how the artist does it. The revelation of understanding the artist’s process we find leads to more appreciation of the visual arts as well.
  8. Jeff Jackson.  Author and curator of the New Frequencies series sat down with us to talk about the film and other future events and his passion for sharing art with Charlotte is palpable.  He is pushing the intellectual level of arts events higher with this series and particularly this film, and we hope that more people embrace the deeper level of thinking that Jeff is providing to us.
  9. The whole film is fictional.  While it may sound like a documentary, the characters, the narrative, the information is all fiction. We are interested to see the truth revealed in the storytelling.
  10. It’s at McColl Center for Art and Innovation, a place that is all about pushing boundaries of what we know to discover something new.  For a work that is part performance/part video installation/part film, we can’t think of a better place to show this work in Charlotte.

Next Friday, February 26th. 8pm. Tickets are $5 in advance, $7 at the door. Purchase tickets here.

All images are film stills from Daredevils. Courtesy of Stephanie Barber. 

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