Daily: Cherry Pie Call to Artists – Apply Today!


photo by Olly Yung. styling by Nicole Hernandez

You may have noticed a Facebook invitation or a new Instagram account showing up in your news feeds lately called “Cherry Pie”. We sat down with Grace Stott, mastermind behind the event, to learn more.  We will write up the fascinating conversation in more detail later on the blog but for now this is what you need to know:

“Cherry Pie” is a an art show of contemporary art of any and all media that is feminist in theme or subject or nature.  There is currently an open call to artists to submit work for the show and the deadline is March 8th.  However, don’t be intimidated or discouraged from applying by the word feminist, we have been assured by Stott that the call is open to all artists, all media, work of any size – the sky is the limit.  The work just needs to relate in some way or ask questions about the role, person, body, or experiences of being a woman. Stott has said that she wants to celebrate all perspectives within the show. We’d like to see some performance work, perhaps a happening, and definitely some installation work in this show as well as painting, photography and sculpture.

So if you are an artist please apply! Especially if you are from Charlotte (the call is open to artists from anywhere) because it would be great to see local voices involved in this discourse.  Stott is a thoughtful organizer and curator, intent on creating a show that connects this community with a conversation that not very many people are engaged in in the south.

The show will open on April 22 at Union Shop Studios.  If you want to see the space before submitting or planning your work, or if you have questions contact Grace at cherries@cherrypieclt.com.

What – Open Call to Artists
When – Apply before March 8th
Where – www.cherrypieclt.com
ee – There is no fee to apply. An no commission will be taken on works sold! Partcipating artists will be asked to contribute $20 for the opening reception fund.

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