Daily: Helios Aletheia

Opening Saturday night at Twenty Two, the solo show by artist, Michael O’Neill is titled Helios Aletheia. Translated from Ancient Greek the words mean “Truth revealed by the Sun”.

The artist uses a custom infrared camera with panoramic lens to capture and present theatrical landscapes and figures. By fantasizing actual locations, that are often nearby to commonly used public spaces, the work also speaks to the limitations of the viewer’s perception.

Infrared technology was created for military surveillance and scientific research – but here, when used by the artist, it reveals to us truth or evidence that we otherwise may not notice.


The artist states,
“The cool, glowing tones of the figure and foliage contrast with the sky and water made blood red by the infrared camera, and leave the viewer to consider the texture, focus, and posture of the figure without the responsibility normally associated with representing the human form. ”

Opening Reception. Twenty Two. Saturday Night, March 5th. 7pm – 2am.

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