Daily: Orange Sunshine

Last night, Happenings attended the opening reception for the newest exhibition at SOCO Gallery: Robert Lazzarini’s Orange Sunshine.  

unnamed (1)

Made up of original acrylic silk screened of a single subject, the late actress Sharon Tate, Lazzarini is exploring the concepts of the viewer’s perception, image appropriation, and memory. Somewhat dizzying, the compositions must be viewed from various distances and angles in order to make out the recognizable celebrity face, however, at the opening reception, several people commented how there is an interesting phenomena that happens when the viewer interacts with the work. By raising a cell phone to photograph the work and viewing them image through a digital screen, the moire patterns of the silkscreen are interpreted and the face clearly emerges. Possibly an intention of the artist to comment on current society’s penchant to view everything through a screen

If you are curious to know more, visit SOCO Gallery at 421 Providence Rd and come out this Saturday morning for Lazzarini’s artist talk.

Also stay tuned for a future collaboration between SOCO and HappeningsCLT occuring later this month to celebrate the gallery’s 1 year birthday!

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