Daily: Cherry Pie Preview

Tonight is ladies night!  Its the opening of Cherry Pie: A feminist art show at Union Shop Studios (5019 Wilkinson Boulevard). Over 30 artists working in nearly all art media have come together to explore this genre called feminism and derivations of the term. Artists include these listed below. Click on a photo to see a slideshow of examples of their work.

Aimi Bouillon – Amanda Medina – Amber Bounds – Amy Bagwell – Amy Herman – Annique Delphine – April Marten – Brenna Quinn – Eden Mitsenmacher – Emily Braswell  – Hannah Barnhardt – Helle Grondahl – Jennifer Weigel – Joann Galarza Vega – Kaitlin Spellman – Katelyn Jurney – Katherine Kutrubs – Kiki Farish – Lauren Johnson – Lis Luis – Madeline Lippert – Margaret Strickland – Marissa Paternoster – Molly Wilbanks – Nicole Rhodes – Nicole Schoepflin – Philip Fore – Rebecca Henderson – Renee Cloud – Sarah Sickles – Sarah Slusarick – Skye Schirmer

A few months ago, HappeningsCLT sat down with organizer, curator, and artist Grace Stott to talk about why this show was important to her.  Her answer excited us because it sounded like she was creating this for personal reasons. But when she began talking to other people, the idea began to grow and expand; making connections with people along the way and engaging in a conversation that not many people are addressing. Throughout the conversation, we wove through some really challenging topics that relate to and rub up against feminism: marriage, religion, LGBTQ awareness, judgement, family, social media, technology, pornography… and how these things impact the current iteration of the feminist movement, dubbed “Fourth Wave” Feminism. This show will be an intersection of artists all dealing with this topic.  We can’t wait to see the results


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