Daily: ASC Honors Legendary Photographer

Boys, Spanish Harlem (#19B1)Last night, Happenings was thrilled to be invited to celebrate with this year’s winners at the ASC Honors presentation last night. This ceremony is held only every 4 years and prizes are awarded to exceptionally creative individuals whose lifetime contributions have distinguished them and enriched the cultural and social fabric of Charlotte Mecklenburg. 

You will see all the winners listed below but we were delighted to see that legendary photographer, Sonia Handelman Meyer was selected in the visual arts category. After feeling called to document and serve using photography in 1942, Meyer embarked on a career driven to use art to influence change. She was a member of the New York Photo League, a group of idealist photographer in mid 20th’ century New York City who used their craft to expose and raise awareness of social issues.Girl on Stoop, Spanish Harlem (#19A1)

In recent years, Meyer’s work has been rediscovered and exhibited at the Mint Museum’s Bearing Witness: The New York Photo League and Sonya Handelman Meyer; At the Jewish Museum in New York City, and in Bank of America’s Corporate Collection.


The presentation last night featured a short video about Meyer, which you can watch above. The video included these profound and beautiful quotes that represent her working philosophy:

“If you’re a part of a community you have to contribute to it. You have to be a living part of it.

And if you have the art to be a photographer, or an artist, writer, and you see more than other people do and can express what you see, then you can be a great influence for good. I think that is important; I think it has to be done. “

We couldn’t agree more, Ms. Meyer. Charlotte is truly honored to have you as a part of our community today, and your work continues to impact people and influence social change.

Staff at the Piano, Sydenham Hospital

See her talk about what it was like to be a woman in the male dominated field of photography in the video below and head over to the Mint Museum to see Meyer’s work on display in Here and Now: 80 years of photography at the Mint Museum.


2016 ASC Honors

Dr. Tom Hanchett, History
Tyrone Jefferson, Music
Sonia Handelman Meyer, Visual Art
Beverly Penninger, Film
Dr. Raphael Tsu, Science

The Cato Lifetime Achievement in Teaching Award

Windy Fullagar, Arts
Ann Jacob, History
Julie McConnell, Science


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