Carolina Art Crush: Clint Sleeper

Clint Sleeper is an interdisciplinary media artist, performer, a musician, and a professor.  Over the year he has acted as Assistant Professor of Digital Art at Davidson College where his work was featured in a solo exhibition January – March of this year.  In addition to teaching, Sleeper has exhibited work nationally and internationally since 2010 in Australia, California, Canada, Hungary, Ireland, Nebraska and Nevada.  We were able to catch Sleeper now that the semester has ended and coax some answers out of him about his work, what he’s reading, and what he’s eating while he’s here in Charlotte. Also be sure to catch his work at 80×80 at the Mint Museum, opening on June 10th.

HCLT: Describe yourself in three words.
Funny-ish, dark-ish, wild.

33rdAveBenchHCLT: When did you realize you were an artist?
On the worst day I’m not sure I’m an artist yet.
On the best day, I might trace it back to realizing contemporary artists were more rock-n-roll than rockstars, sometime around 22, and probably between towns in California.

TeachingCtoN drylake

HCLT: Who or what inspires you artistically?
I like politics, philosophers, and music and I’m also consistently disappointed by all of those things. As one of my favorite philosophers notes, philosophy begins in disappointment and the most glaring disappointment is political, bound up in the realization that our world is unjust. I start a lot of projects with that in mind. (Also, he is in a band that I find wholly disappointing)

nightswing-South Reno

HCLT: Tell us about your current body of work?
I’m making some sculptures for public spaces, cast from bronze. And since I was casting bronze anyway, I cast a couple of dead horses, originally modeled from 3D prints, to be hit with a stick, as a joke, from an idiom, and as an instrument for resisting political apathy. My current work is about humor, the structures of jokes, dark-comedy, responsibility, everyday life and lower-case-p-politics.


Photo by David Ramsey at Van Every/Smith Galleries, Davidson College

HCLT: What do you think is the most valuable art experience in the Carolinas right now?
I think everyone should visit Elsewhere in Greensboro.
Oh, and I’m really looking forward to Black Mountain School this summer, the class schedule looks great!


Photo by David Ramsey at Van Every/Smith Galleries, Davidson College

HCLT: What is your number one art piece/place/event in this area?
I like Wall Poems. I think New Frequencies at the McColl brings really amazing stuff. I like my colleagues at Davidson College, I try to support them wherever possible. Some of my favorite artists live in North Carolina, which I have only recently discovered, I haven’t told all of them yet (crushes).

HCLT: What book is on your nightstand right now?
Ranciere – Hatred of Democracy (Reread)
Coleman – Hacker, Hoax, Whistleblower (for class)
Ellen Wood – The Origin of Capitalism (for summer)
Bifo Berardi – Heroes (all the books came in one box, but this one sounds great!)

HCLT: Best meal in the Charlotte area?
Junk food at Bean.



HCLT: Where can we see your work?
On the internet at
80×80 at the Mint, in Charlotte.

HCLT: What is up next?
Breakfast. New sculptures. Finishing the Teaching Capitalism film. SUMMER! New dances+technologies for dance. A bit of software that turns fracking data into dance music. Coffee.



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