Daily: Elysian Collective Vendor Show


Sarah DeShields, Migrant, from the ongoing series “Out From the Ground.” 18×24 Photograph on wood panel with gold ink additions.

Grassroots artist residency programs have become the solution to one of Charlotte’s biggest creative problems: a series desert of affordable artist studio space. These casual, artist-organized residencies have been popping up in co-working spaces (and former tire stores) for the past couple of years, and most have proven to be well curated and enthusiastically supported. One of the most recent is The Elysian Collective, founded by Sarah DeShields and Joanna Ahlman.

From founder Sarah DeShields, March 2016:

We (myself and my friend and fellow artist Joanna Ahlman) began the Elysian Collective last year as a means of supporting each other in our artistic process, and as a means to show our work in a way that was possible for us according to the limitations we face. As a collective our main interest is in supporting one another in our individual process and to foster healthy collaboration and community with other local artists. 

As we sought venues to host our shows we realized that we wanted to do so much more than a one off art show each year (thought that is challenging enough!) – we want to create a consistent environment for work flow, retreats, creative play, vendor events and of course art shows where we and our other artists can have a space to show and sell their work. We found a gorgeous 1920s home in Mount Holly with lots of space and light that seems to lend itself to everything we want to accomplish!

This weekend they’re hosting a show with their artists as well as some very cool local vendors. Absolutely worth the short trip to Mount Holly in our opinion!