Weekend Road Trip – Spartanburg, SC for Pacts and Invocation


Continuing our summer road trip theme… we wanted to tell you about a special exhibition opening at the Spartanburg Art Museum in SC.  Only an hour and 15 minutes away you will get to experience a group exhibition curated by Charlotte’s own, Erik Waterkotte, featuring the work of several Charlotte artists as well as artists from NYC, Chicago, Milwaukee, Denver, and Des Moines. See the full list of artists and their websites linked below. The selected works explore the theme of magic and ritual in art and is accompanied by a catalog with essays by by Dr. John C. Reeves of UNCC’s  Dept. of Religious Studies and Dr. Matthew Garite of Highpoint University’s Dept. of English; Quotes from their essays will be included as didactics in the exhibition.

Pacts and Invocation




Malena Bergmann

Jesse Bransford

Benjamin Gardner

Carol Golemboski

Aspen Hochhalter

Bob Jones

Anna Kenar

Peter Kenar

Erik Waterkotte

Janet Williams

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