Two to Watch: Nicholas Napoletano & Matthew Steele

Jerald Melberg Gallery is trying something new this summer: showing young, emerging talent from Charlotte. Matthew Steele and Nicholas Napoletano, both under 30 years old, will fill the gallery with new works as of next Friday July 15. This invitational is a big shift for a gallery who has a reputation for showing nationally known artists and artist estates like Robert Motherwell, Wolf Kahn, and Romare Bearden. We’re looking forward to seeing it and attending the opening on July 15 from 6-8!

According to the gallery, “Two to Watch aims to celebrate these two young Charlotte artists and introduce them to our collectors. Melberg decided to showcase the work of Steele and Napoletano after making numerous studio visits and considering the work of over fifty artists. He found that the superior craftsmanship, as well as the intriguing visual components found in both artists’ work, is certainly worthy of recognition.”

About the Artists:

Matthew Steele’s wood sculptures find stylistic balance between elegance and industrialism, as he is enamored with the efforts of humanity to transcend earthly obstacles with infrastructures such as highways, dams and bridges. It is his intent to personify our internal technologies through sculptural depictions of these utilitarian endeavors. All of the work on view is made with sawed and squared planks of soft, grainy walnut, tacked together with tiny nails.

(Images by Michael O’Neill)

Nicholas Napoletano has earned a strong reputation for hyperrealist paintings replete with allegory and symbolism. Rich color and idealized figures populate his compositions which are stylistically in line with Mannerism and the High Renaissance. He believes the human figure “provides a vehicle to explore and document various facets of the human condition as they relate to both the individual and the universal whole.”

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