Daily: Now You See Me

“An average of 55 million viewers experience public art first hand every day. Approximately 1,000 times the audience experiencing art galleries, museums and theaters combined” (Public Art Review, 2002)

The association of Artists for Public Art APA1777 is an organization founded by three major players in the public art field:  Daniel BurenDaniel Karavan, and Jaume Plensa.  Now You See Me is a film contest organized by Artists for Public Art APA1777 to raise awareness, attention and appreciation of the public art that people encounter each day. This contest is open to anyone, it is free to apply, and a jury of world-acclaimed film makers and artists will choose the best films. Winning films will be screened at the Louvre museum as part of its prestigious Journées internationales du Film sur l’art (International Days of Art Films) in January 2017.

What an incredible opportunity to share Charlotte’s public art collection with the international community!  We want to spread the word to encourage people to make films and apply – but we’d like to add a few notes about our encouragement of this contest!

  1. Don’t touch a piece of public art unless its meant to be touched.
  2. Be careful not to damage any piece of public art in your filming. Leave it for the next person to enjoy!
  3. Be careful with yourself!  Be aware of your surroundings when filming – some public art is located along roadways or transit facilities – take precaution when filming in areas like these and follow safety regulations.
  4. This contest is meant to support public art, not discourage it, so respect the artist who created the public art and take the time to acknowledge them properly in the documentation of the film or in the film itself.
  5. Share it with us! If you’ve made a short film to submit – let HappeningsCLT know. We want to see it – and if you win, maybe you can take us to Paris with you 🙂

Public Art Video Contest

Make your film and apply today!

  • The films should last between 2 and 10 minutes
  • The films can be in any style (documentary, fiction, video art, animation or experimental)
  • The films can be shot using any kind of camera (video, stills or mobile phones) provided that they are of sufficient quality to be projected on a large screen (e.g. theatre screen)
  • The films can be in colour or black & white
  • The films may be in any language but must be subtitled in ENGLISH
  • All films should be submitted by September 30th 2016
    Films submitted after this date will not be considered
  • Films can also be sent via “Wetransfer” to info@nowyouseeme.org

For more information and to download the Registration form visit www.nowyouseeme.org.



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