Daily: Uptown Art Crawl!

HappeningsCLT has long been an advocate of a combined art event uptown. You know, an ART CRAWL, the thing that happens in pretty much every other similar-sized city. We have been talking about it to anyone who will listen. So obviously, we’re THRILLED that it’s finally going to happen! We’re pretty convinced that if it takes place continuously, with some regularity (we’re advocating for every Wednesday evening), it will become a true event. Not only will the community benefit, but we think the arts organizations, nearby restaurants, and other businesses will also benefit.

So on September 22, if you aren’t at Davidson College’s Art Acquisition Party (which is where at least one HappeningsCLT’er will be), hit the Uptown Art Crawl. Participating venues include the New Gallery of Modern Art, Bechtler Museum of Modern Art, Mint Museum Uptown, Harvey B. Gantt Center, Sozo Gallery, McColl Center for Art + Innovation, UNCC Center City (Projective Eye Gallery), Goodyear Arts, and Levine Museum of the New South.

(Did we mention that we’re pumped to see Ryan McGinness‘ work at the New Gallery?)



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