ArtPOP 2017 Artists

Congrats to the newly crowned ARTPOP artists! Their art will be featured on 20 billboards throughout the city through 2017. 

15 artists chosen by a panel of art experts 

– Micah Cash (oil on canvas)

– Justin Christenbery (acrylic painting on canvas)

– Mark Doepker (Prismacolor (colored pencil))

– Itala Flores (drywall pottery)

– Joanna Henry (collage)

– Gerry Kingl (photography)

– Aaron Moore (collage)

– Quoctrung Nguyen (ink and acrylic on paper)

– Scott Partridge (digital art)

– Diane Pike (oil on canvas)

– Theron Ross (forged iron)

– Caroline Rust (oil on canvas)

– Ju-Ian Shen (ceramic art)

– Nicholas Sorlien (cast concrete)

– Bryan Wilson (oil painting)

5 artists chosen by public vote

– Renee Calder (ceramic/metal)

– Joshua Cross (mixed media painting)

– Kimberly Hanson (mixed media – acrylic, collage; see featured photo)

– Kathie Roig (fiber/handweaving)

– Annemarie Weekley (wood relief print with gold leaf)

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