This Week: January 9-15


Graham Carew, but he wears it well, 2016. Carew will have work on view with Robert Childers at the opening reception for their exhibition at Goodyear Arts on Thursday of this week.


Opening Reception for Graham Carew vs Robert Childers
Goodyear Arts, 516 North College Street
6-9 p.m.
FREE (with free beer too!)


Opening Reception for Positioning the Splendid: Brent Skidmore and Robert Campbell
UNC CHarlotte Projective Eye Gallery (uptown)
6 p.m.

Brent Skidmore creates wood forms inspired by nature and relationships, suspending them with elegant poise. Bobby Campbell is a painter and designer, recasting the overwhelming stimulus of today into a mutation of culture and context. His “Action Figures”, tightly-woven vector images printed on paper and encased in plastic, become the DNA for his wall size installations of tumbling shape and form that surround them. Both artists position a splendid moment of action, repose and release.

Opening Reception for Earth, Wind and Fire
Clearwater Artist Studios (Concord)

A joint show juxtaposing the different styles of four artists: Regina Calton Burchett Fine Art, ClearWater Resident artist (pastels + oil); Debbie Rasberry (pastels); Carmella Jarvi (glass); and Chris Craft (encaustic abstracts).

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