Daily: A little sneak peek

This evening Goodyear Arts is hosting an opening reception. Included in their reception will be a site specific installation by Charlotte’s own Tom Thoune and we are giving you an exclusive sneak peek!  Take a look at Pool of Empathy and read what the artist has to say about his inspiration.  We hope you see you tonight at the opening!

Study of a Sunken Statue from “Pool of Empathy”

Artist’s Hypothesis: Through imitating or imagining that you are something other than you, you may be developing skills of empathy.  My childhood memory of swimming with my siblings in many bodies of water on the west coast are presented in a paper pattern suited for a Minoan  fresco that could easily date back 2000 years BCE. Within the cartoon is a three pointed circle of us siblings pretending to me mermaids.

This imagined moment helped me to recall feelings of wanting to be a woman, have breasts, long hair, the ability to breathe under water, and swim faster than Mark Spitz. Now that I reached the age of 55, It is hard to imagine how much I personally identified with wanting to be a woman. My obsession with the story of The Little Mermaid was as much about how to obtain a boyfriend as it was about feeling like I didn’t belong to any particular group of people.

HB2 shined a light on the intolerance and fear people have in regards to transgender people. The “other” is where I looked to to ask where my empathy lie. I can remember thinking I had a secret. Where I was vulnerable and different and felt unsafe. My imagination was such that all I had to do was put a towel on my head to know who I really was supposed to be  and to be transported to safer waters.

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