DAILY: Strike a Match to Hear My Sound

Rosa Rugosa (2016), Acrylic and collage on paper, 26.5 x 20”

LaCa Projects opened a show of new paintings by Cristina Toro last week, and we think they are worth a closer look. Gallery Director Neely Verano says, “LaCa Projects is thrilled to host Cristina Toro’s second solo exhibition, Strike a Match To Hear My Sound. As if the title isn’t intriguing enough, the theme of this show explores concepts of light after Cristina experienced St. Elmo’s Fire in her own kitchen. This body of work shares Cristina’s intensive exploration of the unmistakable connection between human beings, nature, and various forms of light, both domestic and natural. ”

On view through April 7.

The Telepathic Heart (2016), Acrylic and collage on rag paper, 30 x 44.5

7:05 Birth Time Flower Clock (2016), Acrylic on wood panel, 45” diameter

Strike a Match to Hear My Sound (2016), Acrylic on wood panel, 69.5” diameter

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