Saturday Art Events

If you are like us, then you usually have at least one, and most of the time 2-3, art events to attend on Thursday and Friday evenings – but for folks with children who want them to begin engaging with the visual arts, or for people who are just not night owls – you can often find special offerings during the day on Saturday at a few Charlotte locales.  Here is what is happening this weekend.

Bechtler Museum Family Daybechtler_family_day_20131116_19

Find more info here on the Bechtler’s Site.

McColl Center Open Studio Saturday

Times and info for the McColl Open Studios can be found here.  (They’re event going to have a food truck!)

Mint Museum Fired Up


Dress Impression with Train

by Karen LaMonte

This special event requires registration and includes breakfast and a private tour! Register here. 

So get up early this Saturday, grab a friend, and go enjoy some art without the hustle and bustle of a party or opening celebration! Be sure to enjoy the event and allow some time to explore the current exhibitions as well.

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