This Week: Febryay 13-19


Stephanie Neely opens a show at CPCC this week. Blue Ice 40″ x 30″ oil pastels on canvas. Photo via


Openings Reception for Stephanie Neely: Secret Garden
CPCC Pease Gallery
5-7 p.m.

For the past decade, Neely has concentrated on depicting plant and flower materials in the form of beautifully detailed and enigmatic still life paintings. Her large-scale works take various elements of the natural world as their muses and render them with a deeply-felt sensitivity towards the subject matter at hand. Drawing on skills acquired through her training in landscape horticulture and land surveying, Neely is able to transform her objects with both remarkable exactness and a keen sense of wonder. No longer simply a diversion from other aspects of her life, Neely utilizes her art to reveal the hidden and mysterious nature of her subjects, allowing viewers to take part in that same process of discovery.


3rd Annual Portrait Paint-Off
Clearwater Artist Studios
3-6 p.m.

Painters are given the Challenge of live painting in a spectator-sport setting, nudging them with a short time limit and an audience, to shift how they work.  Every year a different group of five invited master-portraitists are the ‘Featured Painters,’ with a larger group of area artists who sign up, via 1st-come 1st served email request, to paint from the 2nd row. All will work from one live, professional model. Rounding out the event will be local emcee, Michael Knox, to keep the energy up and the timing clear!

Robin Wellner Artist
Gordon C. James Fine Art and Illustration
Barbara Ellis
Mark Stephenson
Isaac Payne


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