Daily: Tips for Writing Artist Bios


Hey artists, we need to tell you something: many of you write really terrible artist statements and biographies. Sometimes these statements are beyond bad, chock full of nonsensical art jargon. More often than not, your bio doesn’t represent you or your work. Your bio is boring, too long, and filled with unnecessary information. There, we said it.

We thought about writing a “how to” blog post, but then we came across a really great post by Artsy so why reinvent the wheel?

According to Artsy, great bios follow the rules below:

  • The bio should summarize your practice, including medium(s), themes, techniques, and influences.
  • The first line should indicate what is most significant about you and your work, rather than open with biographical facts such as where you went to school or where you were born or raised. Here’s an example they cite: John Chamberlain is best known for his twisting sculptures made from scrap metal and banged up, discarded automobile parts and other industrial detritus. 
  • The profile should be between 80 and 140 words, ideally around 120 words. This is based on the fact that audience engagement researchers at museums know that visitors lose interest in exhibition text after 150 words.

To learn more, check out the full article, What We Learned from Writing 7,000 Artist Bios.



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