Daily: Ashes to Art

This year, the McColl Center for Art + Innovation is offering an afternoon event with cake & cocktails for the fall fundraiser. The hour long Ashes to Art event will take place on October 18 at 4 p.m. with drinks & sweets provided by Artist-in-Residence Leah Rosenberg (you may have heard about her long-ago-sold-out Color for the People series). Future Artist-in-Residence Juan William Chavez will speak on his work and his plans for his upcoming residency.

Reasons to go…

  1. You love the McColl Center and want to help them raise money
  2. You missed out on the Color for the People series and still want the Leah Rosenberg experience
  3. Juan William Chavez’s art practice is right up your alley. Think:  “unconventional forms of beekeeping and agriculture that utilize art as a way of researching, developing and implementing creative placemaking and socially-engaged projects”
  4. Leaving work early to drink cocktails and eat cake in the name of art is absolutely worth it. 

Sign up here!


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