New NoDa Mural

We took a moment to chat with the Goodyear Arts Crew about their latest project,  a giant mural along the back of a parking deck in NoDa. Amy Herman, Amy Bagwell and Graham Carew shared the details with us:

This mural is 277 feet long by 60 feet tall. It’s on the back of a parking deck that faces the 36th Street light rail stop in NoDa. The mural was commissioned by Crescent Communities, which owns Novel NoDa, the development that the parking deck serves. As you know, Crescent was our Founding Sponsor as owner of the original Goodyear Tire Center location.

This is the first mural done by what has become a collective of artists from Goodyear Arts. Holly Keogh designed the mural, which began as a sketch she made specifically for this wall, which had a challenging surface made of concrete, perforated metal screening, and empty space. Holly and eight other artists from the collective painted the mural on swing scaffolding (like window washers use) over about 7 weeks. It was rolled and brushed on, not sprayed. Others at GYA took part away from the wall, including Matt Steele, who helped lay the design onto the wall in a map for the artists to refer to.

Here’s the list of artists (alphabetically) who painted the mural. Graham and Amy Herman led the team on site:

Graham Carew

Renee Cloud

Amy Herman

Lisandro Herrera

Blaine Hurdle

Holly Keogh

Grace Stott

Chris Thomas

Andrea Vail

Thank you to Charlotte photographer Logan Cyrus for the great pics.



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