Being an artist is a challenge, at the same time, satisfying. You have a special skill that not many people have. If you want to become an artist, then you should be dedicated and have a lot of patience. You should keep learning from various sources to make you focused and mentally stronger. Here are some books that are very inspiring for an artist.

Living and Sustaining a Creative Life

Edited by – Sharon Louden

In this book, you will find the personal stories of 40 working artists. If you are an upcoming artist, then you will learn a lot of practical lessons from this book. You will know how to make a living as an artist. You will get diverse perspectives about this field and the challenges that you might face while establishing yourself in this field.

Catching the Big Fish

By – David Lynch

This book will walk you through the process of being creative. You will learn how to generate new ideas and express your creativity in the form of art. You will know how to reach inner peace as an artist.

Art & Fear

By – David Bayles & Ted Orland

This book is an artist’s favorite. Many artists have read this book repeatedly. Here you will know about the insecurities that artists often face when doing a project. The beauty of this book is that it is written in a very clear and concise manner.

Creative Block

By – Danielle Krysa

The book contains the strategies used by 50 artists to get rid of a creative block. You will find a lot of inspiration in this book. You will love the colorful pictures of the artwork. You will know how to deal with art challenges.

These books will inspire you as an artist. You will learn about the journey of many artists and can relate to the situations you face as an artist.