Monday, July 20, 2015

Garrett Tichy (the #WeLoveCLT guy!) recently made us aware of Cece Stronach, an undefinable creative talent who hopes to bridge a gap between our disjointed arts districts and our food scene.

From Cece’s website:

“The Ruminate Project is an on-going series I am working on in order to create more connectedness in Charlotte, between artist, foodies, chefs, new up and coming food scene in Charlotte. I also hope to reveal that our creative passions have no boundaries.”

Chicken Liver.

Chicken Liver.

“CHICKEN LIVER is a painting inspired by the artful and conscious art of Matthew Krenz of The Asbury in The Dunhill Hotel, located uptown Charlotte, NC.  A beautiful display of chicken liver, oat cracker, nasturtium, poached quail egg, fennel and chickweed.”

p.s. Check out her Post-it Goats:



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