Wednesday, September 2, 2015


The most important grant opportunity in the state of North Carolina is the North Carolina Arts Council’s Artist Fellowships. Every other year, visual, craft, film/video artists, and choreographers are eligible to apply for a $10,000 award from our state arts council. The next deadline is November 2, 2015 (songwriters, composers, and writers are eligible to apply in November 2016).

Guidelines and applications will be posted shortly. At that point, we strongly urge you to start putting together your application. Don’t wait until the last minute as this is a really important grant. One of the HappeningsCLT team has been a panelist in the past and what we can say is: yes, there are certainly a lot of applications…A LOT. And yes, only a handful will be awarded the grant. But, we still think it’s worth applying. If you consider yourself an artist, you should apply. There isn’t a better grant in the state of North Carolina for visual artists. In fact, when so many states cut their fellowship programs the North Carolina Arts Council managed to continue this program. Though budget restraints forced them to alternate disciplines every other year, it’s still pretty amazing that more than $100,000 per grant cycle is distributed to visual artists through this program.

There are many benefits to applying for such a grant, even if you aren’t selected for the award. Putting together your application will force you to consider and evaluate your work, how you present it to others, and which images and words best communicate your goals. With a few tweaks you can use this application as the impetus to apply for other grants or exhibition opportunities. As an artist, you probably already know that you have to throw lots of things against the wall to see what sticks, right? So view this as an opportunity to put your work in front of a small panel of curators and arts professionals. Even if you don’t get the $10k from the NCAC, it could lead to other opportunities.