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Are you an artist? Then we are looking for you! Our blog is about art, and we publish interesting articles related to it regularly. If you are an artist, then you can share your thoughts and experiences related to art in this blog. You can enrich your CV by working for us.

We are a popular blog in this niche, and being part of our team is something worth experiencing. You will not only get a good remuneration but also the freedom to express yourself and contribute to society by creating awareness of art. We have flexible working hours, and you can work from home. You can either apply for the guest or permanent post.

As a writer, you need to follow certain guidelines. These rules are set to ensure that a high standard is maintained in all the articles. The articles must be 500 to 800 words. They must be plagiarism-free and without any grammatical errors. We expect the writers to use plagiarism software to check the article before submission.

You can write about any topic related to art. If you mention any news, then the sources must be authentic. As this is a colorful blog, you must include pictures with your articles, ensuring that the pictures don’t have any copyright issues.

The articles should have catchy headings so that the readers find the articles interesting to read. You should not use any jargon as many readers have insufficient knowledge about art. You must submit the article by email and attach the pictures as well.

Our team will review your article and give you feedback. Once the article is finalized, it will be published on our blog. We will promote the articles on our social media sites as well. To learn more about this writing opportunity, please contact us by email.